Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Wireless Future Has Arrived By Nat Kannan IITM 1970

The Wireless Future Has Arrived
By Nat Kannan IITM 1970


I recently attended a conference on wireless technologies and came away quite impressed by what new and amazing things are coming out.

First, human beings, given a choice, always prefer the free ranging, vagabond lifestyle made possible by cell phones and wireless modems to any conncected alternatives via land lines. But until recently the data transmission capacity via wireless networks was limited to about 2.5 megabits per second. Now Lucent ( Bell Labs) has come up with a commercially feasible chip sets that allow eight times that capacity. It means more data via wireless, more video, more voice, and other exciting rich media.

There is a revolution that quietly underway in short range device communciations
using a standard called Blue Tooth which uses radio frequencies. There are ultra broad band chips on their way to market as I write from Extreme Spectrum. These make it possible to do away with all the tangle of wires we use connecting PCs to printers, scanner, and digital cameras, and other peripherals.

This is the revolution of short range wireless. I can think of a hundred applications for these in meeting the last mile requirements for video transmission. Thus there will be a global wireless links that seamlessly work with landlines and local wireless links to create a mind boggling world of permanently connected world that will link everyone to everyone else. Now comes my real reason for excitement.
Of course you can see live porn, but a teacher and a student can connect directly from the corners of the globe to learn from each other totally wirelessly.

It is time to say good bye to the wired world and welcome the exciting new world of true vaporware - wirelessness.
Nat Kannan
B.Tech 1970
17th October 2002