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The Silent Achiever-Ram Krishnan-IITM 1966.

The Silent Achiever-Ram Krishnan-IITM 1966.
Posted By Ramboaus on 3rd January 2003 (Message No 280 )

The New Year 2003 has dawned on us. Let us pray that it brings Peace to the World (keeps President Bush from killing innocent Iraqi men women and Children) and brings Prosperity to Mother India.

With the new year I got this Good news today that I would like to share with all IIT-Global members. It was about mid-day and I saw my good friend Ram Krishnan IITM 1966 who lives in Minnesota come on line. I just said Hi and we started to Chat He then shared this secret with me.

For members from other IIT's, Ram Krishnan is the President of IITMAANA and the man behind Akash Ganga and RWH Project in Madras. He is well and truly a silent achiever with a real passion for what ever he does. He was one of the first to endorse the IIT-Global idea and I thank him for his support guidance and even scolding when I stirred up the members.......(well it did wake some sleepy heads to atleast come and tell me off and go back into hybernation.)

Have a read of this article and I am sure it will make you feel proud. It is about one man's effort to bring about changes to the lives of the people in a village that he adopted. He sacrificed his own career as an Engineer and has devoted his life for the betterment of his adopted village.

Now I know that not all of us have the passion to do anything like this. Some of you are very young and have to follow your Career dreams as well as find life partners and bring up children etc etc. But there are those of us in the group who have almost reached the retiring age Children have grown up and have grown their own wings and moved away from home. I am appealing to members in this age group to use this model and adopt some village that appeals to you, in any part of India and see if you can change the lives of of people of that village.

Most of the focus by educated Indians has been to take up activities in the Cities, understandably due to convenience. But it is the Rural India that needs this support to transform. Please consider.

Look forward to your responses.
Please send your replies to Ramrajah@optushome.comau

I am sure Ram Krishnan will help set up a network to assist with adopting villages. My 1970 IITM batch has an Initiative Called ENVIKAL spearheaded by my good friend N.T.Nathan and we have adopted a village called Alamathi. I will try and coax my batch mates to extend our efforts to adopt this village and duplicate the efforts based on this model. Our efforts at Envikal are now now limited to internet and CAD training of the underpriveleged school Children at Alamathi in Tamil Nadu. With Nathans support I am proud to say that Jeevodaya, my pet Charity was able to screen most members of Alamathi for Cancer. ( Ram may be you should organise a cancer screening of all members of Kuthambakkam Village.)

May the force be with you.
Just like "Little Drops Make an Ocean"
I am sure "Little efforts can bring about a BIG change"

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