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Message from Deepak Chopra

Message from Deepak Chopra
8thNovember 2002 ( message 129 )

Subject: Message from Deepak Chopra

Dear Friend,
Almost a year ago, after the death of my father, I had a very clear experience of non-local being. I realized that our soul, our true self, like gravity or truth or time, is everywhere.

Imagine a series of concentric circles, one within the other. Then imagine yourself living in each of these circles, beginning with the smallest.

The first circle is your body and the physical world of the five senses. Here you live in time as it passes.

The second circle is the pattern of brain waves that create your thoughts, feelings, and desires. Here you live in the mind.

The third circle is the invisible pattern of energy from which the brain was created. Here you live in the play of natural forces.

The fourth circle is the field that extends infinitely through the cosmos, from which all energy is born. Here you live in the fluctuating waves of the cosmic ocean.

The fifth circle is the silent, unmoving field that unites all force fields, from which space and time arose. Here you live within the ocean itself.

The sixth circle is the womb of the universe-infinite dimensions wrapped within each other. Here you live in the cradle of creation before creation occurs.

The seventh circle is the uncreated-God, Brahman, the One and All. Here you live eternally.

What I realized with a wave of relief was that no one has to go anywhere. All these realms exist at the same time. You and I meet on the street as two bodies, but we also meet as two minds, two souls, two citizens of the cosmos. Ultimately we do not meet at all-we merge into the ocean of spirit. We are one.

The only thing that changes is perception. You and I choose the circle we belong in, and once we identify it, we call that reality. Ego offers the most constricted reality, the innermost circle. Looking over the wall to a larger reality, or even to another person's point of view, ego says, "What has this got to do with me?"
But ego does not exist to deny the soul. Ego exists because it is necessary.

The force of evolution tugs at us, coaxing us to see into larger circles. The source of this tugging is the soul, which already knows every layer of reality, from the deepest darkness to the eternal light. For many centuries no one had the faintest idea about brain functioning or gravity or subatomic particles. The fact that we
didn't perceive them doesn't mean they didn't exist. Rather, that infinitely expanded reality lay waiting for us to cross our own boundaries. As we did, perceptions shifted, giving birth to new worlds.

When you can experience grief and yet are able to come to recognize the work of the soul, you will feel elated. The hidden message of suffering will have revealed itself. For myself, I was able to accept the loss of my father in a completely new way-as no loss at all. He became more present to me than ever before. I felt that I was meeting his true self as I met mine. This was our soul connection. I had
crossed a boundary that was very difficult on the level of feeling. My father's beloved face, his voice, his physical closeness were gone. I had deeply feared that he as an individual was also lost. Now I can celebrate that nobody has an individual self, not at the soul level. You and I roam the universe pretending to be individuals. Loss is a phantom projected by the ego, which believes only in the
individual "I."

What are you and I, really? We are an expression of the entire universe. The universe gave birth to you and me as separate persons, but it didn't let us out of eternity's embrace. At this very moment we stand outside time as surely as inside it.

As much as you need the world in order to live, the world needs you in order to exist. You are the only way the universe can experience exactly the things you feel, see, touch, think, and desire as no one else can. Patterns arise and fall, passing away like dust. With one side of your being, you play in these patterns, creating dramas of light and dark. But with another side of your being you are pure
awareness, pure creativity, pure possibility. You are the source. Therefore when you die, the same process occurs that led to your being born. The source rearranges the patterns once again. Look upon the afterlife as you look upon this instant, as both a new birth and a new death.

Recovering the soul is a journey from one circle of awareness to the next. Expansion of consciousness doesn't take you anywhere. You may have a life-changing insight on a Friday or in a specific place like Chicago or Jerusalem. But these are only bits of the passing scenery. The highest realms in which you live are nowhere and everywhere. The edges of time and space are hard when viewed from the inner circle,
where the body strives to exist. The edges get softer in the domain of art and music, softer still in the domain of love.

Jesus described the journey with such beautiful conciseness when he said that freedom means 'being in the world but not of it.' Equally beautiful is the teaching of the Upanishads, which say that for someone in ignorance, experience is like writing in stone; for someone who has begun to know spirit, experience is like writing in water; for someone who is liberated, experience is like writing in

Joy with detachment is the spiritual aim of life. On the healing path you will experience moments of both, and there will be stretches when neither is possible. Your ego will shout its demands, and then "I, me, and mine" will have to be tended to. This is natural. The smallest circle of your being, the place of ego and its needs, is just as holy a place as the wider circles. To say that anyone has a
false self is a relative term. It is more true to say that we are all writing our lives in stone, hoping for the day when we will be written in water, and knowing the time will come when we will be written in air.