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Jagath Chandra Giri - B Tech IITM 1969

High Achiever - Jagath Chandra Giri - B Tech IITM 1969
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Dr. Giri Jay.C - Jagath Chandra Giri B.Tech 1969, IIT Madras.
Director, Applications Engineering , ALSTOM ESCA , Bellevue,WA, 98004, USA
Telephone- 425 739 3445, Fax- 425 889 1700,

Birthdate-Sep 14th 1948
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India - B. Tech- 1969
State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY- M.S.-1971
Clarkson University-Potsdam, NY, Ph.D-1977
1978 to present-ALSTOM ESCA

Manager, Power System Applications, Leads team of 20-30 power system engineers to develop Real-time control software for EMS Responsible for innovation in design and the practical implementation world-wide, of state-of-the-art EMS software for AGC and dispatcher training simulators. Almost two decades of people leadership and management of power system software engineers, for development of state-of-technology real-time control system EMS software.

Co-founder of ALSTOM ESCA in 1978, which is now the recognized world-wide leader in the supply of EMS technology. ESCA has grown from 12 staff in 1978 to over 400 in 2001.

Originally designed and implemented the first generation ‘advanced dispatcher training simulator’. This simulator design has been the foundation of training, testing and development for over two decades.

Originally designed and implemented an innovative comprehensive new AGC function which was tunable online; this function provided a suite of optional features that were user-selectable online. This AGC function is currently running round-the-clock and controlling generation at over 50% of US utility generation capacity and at numerous other national utilities such as South Africa, Portugal, Greece, India, Australia, etc.

Giri has been responsible for almost two decades of management in leading a team of 10 to 30 power system software engineers (mostly PhD and MS) in the development of state-of-the-art real-time EMS software for network analysis, generation control, training simulators, distribution network analysis and dynamic security analysis.

In 1978, co-founded ESCA with 11 other power system engineers. Over the past 5 years, ALSTOM ESCA has been the world-wide leader in EMS orders, has captured the dominant share of US EMS business and has numerous international installations. Is currently member of the ESCA Executive team.

Was solely responsible for the original design, coding and implementation of the ESCA AGC and training simulator software. This original software continues to be the foundation of the current ALSTOM EMS product offering. The ALSTOM AGC and simulator functions are utilized world-wide in controlling load and frequency of power system grids and training operators, for the majority of US utilities and for numerous national utilities world-wide.

Was responsible for almost two decades of people management and the development of the team of power system analysis software engineers. Team is currently 30 staff mostly MS or PhDs in power systems. Staff in the team have an average of 8 to 10 years of EMS experience and some are considered international experts in the EMS field.

Since 1990, Giri has been an Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington; has served on PhD committees, presented seminars and has taught a course on distribution systems.

Has been active in national and local IEEE activities; member of the following IEEE committees: PES, System Operations, Energy Control Center, Operator Training, Transmission Operations, Transmission Security, Power system stability, CAMS, COPS, Restoration.

Member of the technical committee of the 1999 and 2002 PSCC conferences

The ALSTOM ESCA AGC product.

The entire AGC code was originally designed, coded and implemented by Giris Team.
This is now part of the ESCA integrated EMP product offering has been deployed world-wide at over 100 sites. Consists of software code, documents, training material, and other product collateral. AGC runs round-the-clock at these sites controlling system frequency and following load; one of the largest systems is in South Africa where the entire country’s frequency is being controlled from a central site. A major segment (over 50%) of the US generation capacity is under ESCA AGC control.

The ALSTOM ESCA DTS product.

The power system dynamic simulation code (power plants and relays), the instructor subsystem code and interfaces with the EMS were originally designed, coded and implemented by the candidate. This is now part of the ESCA integrated EMP product offering has been deployed world-wide at over 100 sites. Consists of software code, documents, training material, and other product collateral. DTS is used for training operators and testing new functions. This has allowed all the ALSTOM ESCA customers worldwide to learn the product offline and to be able to conduct realistic factory tests prior to actual field implementation.

IEEE technical papers and Member Panel Sessions.

* "An Advanced Dispatcher Training Simulator", with Podmore, et al, PICA, Philadelphia, May 1981, also IEEE PAS Transactions, Vol. PAS-101, Number 1, pp 17-24, January 1982
* "Implementation and field experience of a national energy control system", with Barazesh,et al, PICA, Seattle, 1989, IEEE 89CH2747-4
* "An integrated scheme for online static and transient stability constrained ATC calculations", with Pavella, et al, IEEE SPM, Edmonton, Canada, July 1999.
* "Adaptation of EMS functions in a market environment", invited panelist, short paper, IEEE WPM, Singapore, Jan. 2000.
* Co-author of chapter 62 "Energy Management", with Stanton and Bose, The Electrical Engineering Handbook, editor, Richard Dorf, pp 1344-54, CRC Press 1993.
* Promoted to ESCA Executive team in 2000 in recognition of people management and business management results.
* Currently, Manager of team of highly qualified power system engineers some of who are internationally recognized experts in the field.
* Technical advisor/consultant for the European Commission sponsored project OMASES, related to development of online stability capability in an EMS. Project started in December 200) with ALSTOM France as lead; consortium members include ENEL, Tractebel, PPC Greece, and the following universities: Liege, NTUA, Strathclyde.
* Affiliate Professor of Electrical Engineering at University of Washington since 1990.
* Original author of the ESCA AGC analyst guide which describes process for online, non-disruptive tuning of AGC.
* Member of the technical committee for the European PSCC 1999, 2002
* Applications technical lead for helping secure the EMS projects for the 3 India projects: Northern region, North-east and Eastern. These projects will computerize the northern half of India with EMSs that will be communicating with each other in real-time. A key function will be optimizing all the available hydro resources in order to minimize the need for rotating blackouts.

Member of IEEE since 1976., Fellow of IEEE since Jan 2002.
Member of the following IEEE PES committees and subcommittees:

PES, System Operations, Energy Control Center, Transmission Operations, Transmission Security, Power System Stability, Operator Training, CAMS, COPS, power system restoration.

Chaired paper sessions at IEEE WPM and SPM conferences.
Presented papers and participated in panel sessions at IEEE WPM/SPM conferences.
Member of 1995, Power System Restoration working group which received the IEEE PES Working Group Recognition Award.
Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington, Seattle since 1990.
Member of Technical Committee for PSCC 1999 and 2002.
Co-author of EMS Chapter in the Electrical Engineering handbook, edited by Richard Dorf, CRC press, 1993, 2000.