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Introuducing Telecommunication Network Group of IIT- Madras. By Raj Varadarajan

Introuducing Telecommunication Network Group of IIT- Madras.
By Raj Varadarajan IItm 1966


As a part of networking effort between alumni and IIT, I am planning on sending information of what is happening, to the group. This is my first installment.

A small beginning was been made by IIT Madras to network with industry about ten years back to bring the fruits of research to the market. This is done by the TeNeT in IIT Madras.

TeNeT is a team of dedicated researchers working in the front line areas of Telecommunications and Computer Networking, at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India. The guiding team is drawn from the faculty at the departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science & Engineering, while over a hundred researchers, engineers and other technical staff support it. Currently, the group
works in areas such as Networking, Digital Systems Architecture and Fibre Optics. Soon, it plans to focus on emerging avenues like Network Management Systems and Integrated Voice/ Video Data Communications.

Established a decade ago, with the objectives of developing economical solutions for the emerging era, pioneering academic research in this confluent field and nurturing a skilled manpower base in this vibrant branch, TeNeT collaborates with a number of
like-minded R & D organisations, with many of whom it enjoys strategic alliances and tie-ups. In addition, the group also works with many small and medium-size industrial units.

Thanks to such associations, TeNeT has successfully implemented many enterprising projects and introduced innovative products. In the years to come, the group hopes to grow into an R & D consortium, working closely with many companies in developing versatile, low-cost systems.Bringing about a revolution in the world of communication.

For further information please visit and contact the faculty concerned to see how you can contribute in this effort of nation building.

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17th October 2002