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IIT Global Job Search Group - Biggest & the Best

IIT Global Job Search Group - Biggest & the Best
14th November 2002 ( Message 138 )

Thanks for the note of appreciation. Give us twelve months and we will prove to the world that IIT-Jobs group be the only place for Prospectivve employers and
recruiters to find the top IIT-Engineers to work anywhere in the world......

We aim to be the "BIGGEST and the BEST", so "Help Us Help You"

IIT-Global members who are not aware of this new initiative to help IIT Alumni find suitable jobs and can help by posting job opportunities in your organisations anywhere in the world.

We currently have over 775 IIT Graduates subscribed and actively looking for work.


From: "Ajit Tripathi"
To: "ravichallu"
Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 11:55 PM
Subject: alumni-faculty collaboration for currentstudents

Please fwd to anyone who'd be interested in it... in any other form or words, at any appropriate time.

An IITian is defined as a person who believes in getting things done. This is a tremendous networking initiative and there is no reason why a negative feeling or thought should be allowed to dampen the enthusiasm of those who have taken leadership in this matter. Great work Ravi ji and Ramboaus ji. Such an initiative
has long been awaited. (IIT-Jobs-in-India)

I feel the senior alumni should also work with IIT kanpur professors on being less hesitant about recommending their students to US universities.

Unlike IIT Madras, IIT Kanpur does not have a healthy collaborative app culture and that this is largely due to the general unwillingness on part of the faculty to work with students or write unreserved recommendations.

As a result, Kanpur has an abysmal schol rate and mostly, it is the top students who suffer and have to live with lesser schools. The rest of get diverted to other fields.

Comparatively, students from Osmania University, Bombay University, RECs and other much less competitive schools are having a much easier shot at the best schools.

Now are these students better students than average IITians? Do they have a better shot at research? I do not think the IITK faculty believes that. It is just that recommendations are much harder to come by and a collaborative culture is not in
place in IITK.

It affects research and it affects the reputation of the institute. IITK students have clearly done very well in academia so far and it can be better.

If the senior alumni is willing to work with the faculty on this issue, I am sure it can benefit the students as well as the future faculty of the Institute.