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Are IITians Elite & Truly Educated???? By Rambo

Are IITians Elite & Truly Educated???? By Rambo
8th December 2002 ( Message 214 )

Hi IITians

In the last three days I have sent the flyer for the Charity show to about 32 yahoo eGroups for IIT alumni and have had nil response and no one has even bothered to sign the guest book, leave alone making a committment to send a few bucks. We are supposed to be the "Elite" and the "Best of the Best". If we consider ourselves a true sample of the Indian population (which we are not) you will understand why India will never ever progress or change for the better. The people of the country make a nation, it is the people that are responsible for success or failure of any organisation for that matter

If China is improving the standards of living and business by leaps and bounds it is because of the culture of the people and their committment to succeed. Most reataurant owners start off as an illegal dish washer's. Give him five years, he has his own house and BMW and owns his own restaurant. Once they have made it big they are the most generous lot.

In Sydney we Indians have struggeld for seventeen years to raise funds to build a Venkateswara Temple which is still half finished. Over night there appears a Buddhist temple in Woolongong where millions have been spent. What a beautiful place. It fills your heart with Joy and Peace and above all it is so clean that one could eat off the marble floors. I cannot say this about my temple of worship. Not only that the committee members come to blows at a general body meeting and police are called in and next day they make head lines. We Indians are so divided with our prejudices of race colour and creed. Yet we arm chair pundits sit there and criticise Bill Gates for donating $100 million to fight AIDS in India. We try to find motives behind his generosiity..all this stuff about Linux and open platform or what ever..........

I am not crticising every one but the genral tendency is to spend a life time looking after one self and family. Some may include their friends in the inner circle....

We are happy to just keep our houses clean inside but just as happy to sweep all the dirt on to the street. It is not uncommon to be spat upon from a bus if you are walking on the pavement where you have to step around dead snakes (you know what I mean). Yet the man who spat is educated with a lap top on his lap pretending that he did not do it.....Indians are for ever trying to break rules and bribe any one and every one to get what ever they want from telephones to train tickets.

In the short span of three months I have found a handful of people in the IIT egroups who are committed to improve the lot in India. I did not know them before July this year.

We have members like Ravi Challu, Daljit Dave Singh, Praveer Gupta, Suhas.V, Shyam Raghunandan, Deshpande, Narayanamurthy, Ashok Jhun Jhunwala, Abhay Bhushan, B.K.Syngal, Ram Krishnan, Pradip, Leo Jayaprakash and a few more who are committed to doing something about improving the lot of IITians and Indians in general. The rest just sit and complain..........

These are some of the responses that I have received so far in IIT Global, INTERIIT and IIT-Global-Jobsearch as a moderator, which ares so very heartening that I have saved them under "Quotable Quotes" :

* Hey Unsubscribe me immediately. This is supposed to be a tech group and do not like spam about some charity
* I am not an IITian but am a member of this group. Is this all you elite IITians are capable off....???
* Hey I am going to report you to the right authorities and close you down
* Your group is going to sink under its own weight......
* Your group is illegitimate and does not have approval from authorities
* you are defragmenting other serious efforts to unite IITians
* stop this friday inspiration rubbish. Are you an evangelist ??
* So many IITians are turning off their PC's because of your messages , so please take my advice and close it down
* Ram what are you trying to achieve, just close shop my friend
* hey you are the moderator and should know how to stop SPAM....
* Your Mangalore express story, I am sure you meant Rs 180. You could not have spent Rs 1800.(sad)
* I know you are trying to help us find jobs. But you should realise there are so many useless ads that are not relevent to me. Can you not classify them ???
* I am happy you are sending all these job ads, but they are too many
* and the list goes on.
* I must add out of 1500 members there was just one fellow who took it upon himself to help stop the SPAM to our group. Ravi mate you are a champion too.

Are we not a classy bunch of ELITE IITians ??
I am beginning to detest this word for some reason

I have not had one offer to help the Charity Night, despite it being an all IITIAN effort. There are 1500 hundred members in this Elite group. Do you think these members can donate just $10 each for a worthy cause ??? no no no
Charity is for the white man............

Hey leave alone money, if there was some kindness in your hearts I am sure you could write a few words in the guest book. Is that too much to ask ??

When I go to India, my well to do friends will not hesitate to spend Rs 8000 for drinks and dinner at Taj or Chola or Connemara Hotesl in Madras.....yet the same people when we walk out and I give a poor starved woman with an undernourished baby RS 100 out of my wallet, I get a sermon " You fellows go abroad and come to India for holidays and throw your money around and really spoil these beggars. Beg your pardon?? Did I hear it correct ??? My own batchmates who are supposed to be hosting this show have not come forward to help as foot soldiers....Love to, but tooooo busy and have dead lines to meet....otherwise I surely will

I did not get educated at IIT.......
I learnt some skills for survival perhaps.

My true education came from my mum and dad who taught me the value of life.
My education came from being a Boy scout at School
My education came from St.Bedes High School where I studied moral science
My education came from associating with the poor and the needy.
My true Inner Happiness also comes from the same sources.
My inspiration came from the mosque across from my house where I visited the mullah every saturday morning as a kid
My inspirations came from my visit to the Gurudwara where I went aroud singing "Satyanam satyanam satyanam Ji, Vaya guru vaya guru vaya guruji" May be I just did it for the halva at the end who knows ??
My inspiration comes from Sri RamaKrishna Sai Baba
My strength comes from Lord Hanuman.
I am non descript human being. Telugu chap, born a kalapani, settled in madras, married to a Bengali and now above all an Aussie/Indian at heart

Now here is my chat with an American lady Kristy O'Donnell. I have never met ever. She is some one who has survived a Brain stem stroke and is condemned to a wheel chair for life and cannot even speak properly. Have a look at the compassion in her noble heart. This is what life and living is all about. Now I am sure I will get emails suggesting I stop giving sermons and generalising. Just prove me wrong and that will be fine...... I am trying to raise just $100,000 so help me if you can and I will take back everything I have doled out here..

Please note "LOL" is laughing out Loud and not "Lots of Love" as Indians think it is
(I got into trouble with a friends wife once as she misunderstood me)

Ramboaus: I agree, I am strange that way and I do such crazy things.
Ramboaus: hey did you read about my charity night?
Kristi O'Donnell: no
Kristi O'Donnell: what?
Ramboaus: Oh I posted it to your group. I am hosting a charity show in India along with my class mates of 33 years ago to raise funds for terminally ill cancer patients in India
Kristi O'Donnell: oh that's right duh
Ramboaus: have a read of this
Ramboaus: Subject: URL-Lp-Unplugged Charity
Many friends have written saying thay have had problems opening the Flyer for the Charity show and those with yahoo and hot mail addresses have got all clip art attachments "detached". Thanks for your feed back. The web site for the Charity show is now pretty much ready and is getting updated every day. We will be including lists of all donors however small to say "Thank You". I agree that majority of us are foot soldiers battling for survival. I am not going to ask anyone to dig deep to find anything . I am hoping a large number of people world wide would drop small insignificant amounts like $10. That is all I ask. If you have a bigger wallet and an even bigger heart, do make a generous contribuiton "Little drops make and ocean."
Ramboaus: URL for Charity show:
Please spare a few minutes to sign the Guest book
URL for Jeevodaya-Hospice for Terminally ill
Please do not forget to pass this on to as many people as you can think off.
Kristi O'Donnell: ok will do
Ramboaus: can you please sign my guest book and ask all your friends if they would
consider just donating $ 10 each ?
Ramboaus: look at my creation LP-Unplugged, did that in seven hours....LOL
Kristi O'Donnell: hey i'm going to send this to the "Today Show" here okKristi O'Donnell: Oprah too
Ramboaus: you are a true champ make that two pent houses one for Amanda too LOL
Kristi O'Donnell: and the american cancer society
Kristi O'Donnell: lol
Kristi O'Donnell: ah this is easy stuff
Ramboaus: you are a God send in my life to further my dreams. God bless
Ramboaus: even if every one sends one dollar it will make a big difference
Kristi O'Donnell: we have many large corporations here you can get much $$ from
Kristi O'Donnell: oh yes i know
Ramboaus: I will be eternally grateful to you for your help
Kristi O'Donnell: no problem
Ramboaus: well only you can help
Ramboaus: do you want me to include your name to the organisation committeee?
Kristi O'Donnell: deb and i are both experienced at writing official business letters and i have a fax machine
Kristi O'Donnell: i don't want any recognition
Kristi O'Donnell: just want to help those who need help
Ramboaus: please I would like to include your name in the web site
Kristi O'Donnell: if you wish but don't have to
Ramboaus: just to let sponsors and donors know you are genuine about the cause
Ramboaus: representative North America ?
Kristi O'Donnell: i dunno
Ramboaus: can I include your web site details ?
Kristi O'Donnell: sure
Ramboaus: this will go to thousands of people
Ramboaus: cool, you will see the changes within the hour
Kristi O'Donnell: young strokers need to know something like this does exist
Ramboaus: cool I will do that
Ramboaus: believe me God has set me a task to give you some additional purpose to life so you will snap out of depression
Kristi O'Donnell: if you must my pics are on my group page and my stroke was locked in brainstem at 30 on 12-24-99
Ramboaus: so what makes us come for a chat on messenger today?? divine intervention??. do not get me wrong I am not an evangelist and not even a christian
Kristi O'Donnell: i don't believe in organised religion
Kristi O'Donnell: too hypocritical for me
Ramboaus: nor do I
Ramboaus: last night I went to a muslim friends house for a Ramadan feast
Kristi O'Donnell: i'll send you my story
Kristi O'Donnell: cool
Ramboaus: see we are birds of the same feather
Ramboaus: sorry you are a dove and I am a crow LOL
Kristi O'Donnell: flock together, lol
Kristi O'Donnell: i'm something
Ramboaus: that felt funny the crow bit
Ramboaus: doves are beautiful
Kristi O'Donnell: lol
Kristi O'Donnell: this one can't be caged though
Ramboaus: hey kristi I am starving it is 2.00pm now and all I have had is a coffee since morning. mithu is in Delaware in the snow Bye
Kristi O'Donnell: Bye Hon.

Now folks Kristi is a Brain Damaged stroke victim, condemned to a wheel chair for life. For those of you who read last weeks Friday inspiration, are you a potato or an egg or Coffee. I definitely wish to be coffee, what kind of a person are you ????