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Address by Director of IIT-Madras- Prof M.S.Ananth on Dec 29, 2002

Address by Director of IIT-Madras- Prof M.S.Ananth on Dec 29, 2002
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Address by Director Prof M.S.Ananth on Dec 29, 2002
Sunday, in the campus.

During the 1977 and 1972 batch alumni reunion event

This event was webcast thanks to Ravi Chandran - owner of Chennai Online - an alumnus himself.

Edited video files should be available at this site in a few days.

Consider the following as 'unofficial', 'unapproved' notes prepared by Ram Krishnan - IITMAANA - who watched the webcast in its entirety.

Ananth's presentation:

He used a PowerPoint presentation entitled - "Vision 2010"

1. Origin of IIT's - starting with Jawaharlal Nehru's vision, how the different IIT's got started, growth over the years, emphasis shifting based on various
needs, undergraduate education still the main focus, emerging needs for more relevant research, 'maintain a dynamic equilibrium with surroundings'

2. Why he suggests that the speaker repeat the message 7 times? Because only 1/7th audience is listening to you at any given time (on a light vein)

3. Student exchange program - many IITM students going to Germany and some German students coming to IITM (the Germans find that the Math level in IITM is too

4. Satellite remote campus of IITM in Trichy with support from BHEL. Doing well. Could lead to more similar efforts.

5. Research areas - as highlighted by the Planning commission - a number of specific areas (should get this list from Prof Ananth, infact get the whole PPT)

6. Technology Park - next door in Taramani village. The Tamil Nadu government has allocated around 10 acres in the old MGR Film campus. Under Prof Ashok Jhunjhunwala's leadership. Why get more space when IITM has 650 acres? Local rules to maintain the campus as a forest preserve, only 15% can be developed.

7. A new Boys hostel being designed. Some student groups had some design inputs. May be a multi-storey building - higher than the present hostels.

8. Mentioned a number of alumni supported projects starting with Sharawathi hostel, computer set-up in the library, a new computer centre which is already fully occupied.

9. In the process of providing connectivity to hostel rooms - Intranet in each hostel room, Internet in the common rooms.

10. A new common mess opened a few months ago. Close to OAT.

11. A new Gajendra circle memorabilia shop - permanent basis - on the ground floor of the Admin building - where the Director's office is located.

12. new electric motor driven buses used in the campus. The IC engine lab is working on a hybrid engine - using diesel and electric power - without the need for recharging (like the Toyato Prius)

13. Currently about 1/3 of the B.Tech graduates go abroad.

14. Some IITM faculty and student groups involved in Rural development projects. Would welcome new ideas from alumni

15. Completed the drinking water project - 2 reverse osmosis plants. Provides clean drinking water and for cooking in the various hostel kitchens

16. Concept of a dual degree. Normal 4-year program to get a B.Tech degree. A 5-year program to get a dual degree - B.Tech and M.Tech.

17. Inter-disciplinary faculty groups formed to encourage more relevant research areas. The 11-member group called Tenet Group by Prof Ashok Jhunjhunwala is
an example.

18. Media Lab with help from HP underway.

19. TCS (Tata Consulting Services) has interest in developing software jointly with IITM

20. On IIT50 - coming to San Jose. Was concerned with the security aspects of all 7 IIT Directors traveling at the same time. Also was wondering why a panel discussion taking place in San Jose should set the vision of IIT's. Shouldn't this vision discussion take place within India ???

21. Will know by jan 7th when the MHRD Minister Joshi will give the approval for the Directors to travel to US for the IIT50.

Earlier, the Director presented Distinguished Alumni awards to

Mr.B.S.Sudhir Chandra(1964-B.Tech/Civil) - Railways
Mr.K.V.Rangaswami(1965-B.Tech/Civil) - Larsen and Toubro
Dr.Meera Chandrasekhar(1970-M.Sc/Physics) - Univ of Missouri - Columbia MO
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